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Created 30-Sep-16
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At few metres of the road E.N.102, already at the surroundings of Vila Nova de Foz Côa, the urban area of the Chão d’Ordem Farm is an integrant part of a landscape where the calmness of the Beira matches the dignity of the Upper Douro, natural qualities that the Knights Templars and afterwards the Knights of the Order of Christ had already discovered and appreciated.
The Knights of the Temple and afterwards the Knights of the Order of Christ, tired of the works at Presuria, searched for warming and silent environments. Nowadays, with a type of life not less worn away and more and more complicated, it is a need to enjoy places like this one, where we can live at the quiet rhythm of Nature.
A resting environment is a gift from the heaven. And so that the quietness can be a state of soul, the scenery, simple and welcoming, cannot help matching.

It is this, truly, “the jewel of the Knights Templars”.
Several abuses of the Knights of the Temple made the Pope John XXIII, as a request of the King D. Dinis, to consent that the estate, rights and honours of the Knights Templars passed to the newborn Order of Christ. This Order, of Portuguese origin, which was to be the promoter of the gest of the Discoveries, paid great attention to these lands and fortifications. On the other hand the people paid them with cereals, olive oil, wine and other high quality products. Some places, like Quintãs, Relva and Canameira Farms, at the end of Longroiva, returned their protection with foodstuffs. They explored few places directly, but among those were, as a beloved jewel, the Chão d’Ordem Farm, whose denomination still remains today.

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