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Novas Trio består af Carlos Vera på Vibrafon, Jeff Miles på guitar og Rodrigo Becabarren på trommer.
Igen lidt anderledes jazz, men bestemt værd at lytte til.

Jazzfest skriver:
A peculiar combination of vibraphone, guitar and drums.

Rodrigo Recabarren and Carlos Vera L. are originally from Chile, but now reside in New York. Here they joined forces with Jeff Miles from San Diego, California, and decided to find out what the unusual combination of vibraphone, drums and guitar could do.

They recorded the album, “Borderfall”, in February 2012. The release was set in connection with a tour of Chile that thrilled critics both there and at later concerts in New York.

Rodrigo Recabarren is one of the most active Chilean drummers in the world and has played with the likes of Wayne Krantz, Chris Potter, Brad Shepik and John Ellis.

Jeff Miles is also a sought-after musician and winner of the 2008 Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition. He has played with Terry Lynn Carrington, Fabian Almazan, Logan Richardson and Roy Hargrove, to name a few.

Carlos Verga L. has played vibraphone and percussion ever since he was a child and has performed at several jazz festivals and clubs in Sapporo, Stuttgart, Vienna, New York City, Munich and Berlin, among other places

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